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Group Long-Term Disability Insurance Service in Texas

When unexpected challenges arise, it is reassuring to have a reliable safety net. An integral component of this safety net is Group Long-Term Disability (GLTD) insurance. On this page, we delve into the critical aspects of GLTD insurance, illustrating its invaluable benefits for both employees and employers.

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What is Group Long-term Disability Insurance?

Group Long-Term Disability Insurance, often abbreviated as GLTD, primarily offers income replacement for employees unable to work due to prolonged illnesses, injuries, or accidents. Unlike short-term disability insurance that covers a few weeks or months, GLTD extends benefits for a considerable duration, potentially spanning several years or even until retirement.

Why Should You Purchase Disability Insurance?

Consider the sobering statistics: one in eight workers is likely to endure a disability lasting five years or more during their career. Given that roughly 40 million Americans, representing about 12% of the population, are considered disabled, the odds of encountering an injury or illness-related disability before reaching 67 stand at a staggering 1 in 4. Pairing GLTD insurance with Short-Term Disability (STLD) insurance offers a robust shield against these uncertainties, safeguarding financial stability in turbulent times.

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When Might You Need a GLTD Policy?

In life, unforeseen circumstances can lead to long-term disabilities affecting one’s ability to work. Below are scenarios where having a GLTD policy proves to be a lifeline:

  • Long-Term Cancer Treatments: These treatments can significantly hinder one’s capacity to work.
  • Cardiovascular Incidents: Recovering from heart-related problems can take years, impacting work ability.
  • Accident or Injury: Major accidents can indefinitely curtail your working capabilities.
  • Long-Term Covid Effects: Some individuals face persistent symptoms that undermine their work performance.

Understanding the crucial role of Group Long-Term Disability Insurance is imperative both for employers striving to ensure the best for their workforce, and individuals pursuing peace of mind in uncertain times. Take a decisive step towards securing your financial future with the right protection, today.

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If you’re an employer in Texas who’s looking for the best group LTD insurance to protect your team, or an individual who wants to understand more about disability insurance, the experienced team at iSure in Texas is here to help. We not only offer group LTD insurance, but we can also help you with group STDI, health, dental, vision, life insurance, and more. Our mission is to get you the best solutions without any extra charge, as our commission comes directly from the insurance carriers.


What are the benefits of group LTD insurance?
  • Income Protection: GLTD insurance primarily facilitates income replacement, helping employees manage daily expenses during periods they are unable to earn due to disability. It typically replaces 50% to 70% of the employee’s salary, disbursed in monthly increments.
  • Rehabilitation Incentives: Certain policies offer programs or incentives that support employees in gradually resuming work.
  • Employee Retention: For employers, presenting GLTD insurance as a benefit can aid in retaining skilled professionals.
What are the different types of group LTD insurance plans?
  • Percentage of Salary Plans: These replace a predetermined percentage of the employee’s salary.
  • Flat Amount Plans: These guarantee a fixed monthly benefit amount, irrespective of the employee’s wage.
  • Graded Plans: These plans decrease the benefit over time, encouraging the employee to reintegrate into the workplace.
How do I choose the right group LTD insurance plan for my business?
  • Understanding Your Demographics: Evaluate the average age, salary, and roles of your employees.
  • Budget Consideration: Determine the affordability from the company’s perspective and decide whether the plan should be employer-sponsored or voluntary.
  • Engaging a Trusted Broker: Consult a reliable broker like iSure to navigate through various policies and carriers, ensuring the best fit for your organization.

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