Group Health Insurance for Energy Companies

When it comes to group health insurance for energy and power generation companies, there are several options to consider. The specific type of benefits you choose will depend on various factors such as the size of your company, location(s), budget, and the needs of your employees.

At iSure, we will provide you with multiple coverage options, provide education and consultation, so you can select the plan that best fits all of your benefit needs. We are well versed in dealing with businesses in the energy sector, from traditional oil and gas, transportation, manufacturing, renewable fuels, mining and exploration, including both public and private companies. Get a quote for benefit solutions for your power generation company today.

Benefit Challenges in the Energy Sector

We have found that often employers in this sector are competing for the same high-level talent, whether it is an offshore oil rig worker, skilled plant operator, or laborer etc. Typically these employees are used to rich benefits packages that can be costly.

At iSure we understand the challenge of trying to find an affordable solution that meets the needs of all of your employees. We put in the necessary work to comb through insurance packages that most brokers won’t take the time to review, may not understand or have knowledge of at all. This intense quoting process, includes leveraging the volume of business that we generate, along with relationships we have with every credible insurance carrier in the market. This practice on average saves our clients 20 to 30 percent or more on their insurance costs. We don’t just use this high-level process to win your business, we repeat it every year to make sure you still have the most competitive rate for the products that best suit the needs of your employees.


In your sector here are some other challenges and needs that we often encounter and assist with, including but not limited to:

  • Benefit Portability between Multiple Locations
  • Benefits Administration
  • Limited Options due to organizational structure
  • Compliance and Regulatory
  • Recommendations on a state and federal level
  • Making sure you are compliant with Safe Harbor and Section 105(h)

It is important to note that we never charge you for using our services, our commission for assisting you comes from the insurance companies. We act as a broker and run quotes with all of the major carriers guaranteeing you the best rate for the benefits that best suit your needs as an employer. 

Case Study

Putting a Messy House in Order

Getting the right small business insurance is a matter of trust; without it, nothing good can happen. The logistics arm of an oil company that employed 15 people found that out the hard way.


  • The previous broker left the company with a slew of challenges: inadequate and inconsistent employee coverage, human resources issues, and potentially serious healthcare law violations with the workforce commission, the state and the federal government.
  • iSure retained nearly $100,000 in potentially lost capital.