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Group Health Insurance Services In Texas

Selecting the perfect group health insurance for your business, be it small, medium, or large, can often feel like navigating a maze. With rising costs and ever-changing needs, how can you ensure your current plan offerings remain the best fit for your organization at the best price? iSure LLC, one of the leading health insurance brokers in Texas, is here to help. Unlike other insurance agencies, we don’t limit ourselves to one provider; we partner with and negotiate deals with every credible insurance company to secure the best rates not only on health insurance but also on ancillary services such as dental, vision, life, etc. We don’t just shop around to win your business; we do it every year to guarantee you always receive the best rates and benefits.

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What is Group Health Insurance?

Every organization is unique, possessing different needs even when compared to others in the same sector or of the same size. This is where we excel. At iSure, we avoid one-size-fits-all solutions; we custom-tailor our services to address your specific needs perfectly.

Why choose iSure for group health insurance?

We leverage our relationships with all carriers, combined with the volume of business we handle, to ensure your small and medium business health insurance solutions are on par with the benefits that large companies receive.

For large business health insurance solutions, we offer detailed and unbiased breakdowns of your current services to spotlight better opportunities to support your team and provide enhanced benefits at a lower price.

We don’t just sell health insurance plans; we create insurance solutions aimed at reducing the time your HR and accounting departments spend on these tasks by over 98%. We achieve this:

  • Through our free software
  • With our dedicated service teams
  • By performing real-time assessments and adjustments to keep up with your ever-changing business.

Make informed decisions and attract and retain high-level employees by partnering with the iSure team.

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The Different Group Health Insurance Plans

In Texas, group health insurance must be as unique as your business. Recognizing that no two organizations are the same, even with similar employee numbers or operating in the same sector, sets iSure apart. We shun one-size-fits-all solutions, instead offering services custom-tailored to match your specific needs.

Small-Group Insurance

Perfect for businesses with a tight-knit group of 2 to 49 employees, ensuring they can afford to offer top-notch health benefits. Switching to us often results in savings of $100 to $200 per employee per month for companies in this category.

Medium-Group Insurance

Ideal for businesses housing 50 to 99 employees and requiring more advanced solutions than small business insurance offerings. Our team crafts strategies to cater to your evolving business needs.

Large-Group Insurance

Created for powerhouses boasting more than 100 full-time employees, these plans cater to the diverse and complex needs of a substantial workforce.

Benefits of Group Health Insurance

For Employers:

  • Tax Breaks

    Leverage favorable tax benefits to offset costs.

  • Employee Magnet

    Draw in top talent with the lure of quality health insurance.

  • Stable Pricing

    We liaise with your current carrier and explore options with other companies to guarantee the best and most stable pricing year after year.

For Employees:

  • Pocket-Friendly

    Thanks to employer subsidies, these plans are easier on the

  • Options Galore

    Enjoy a rich selection of options, from PPOs to EPOs to HMOs.

  • Collective Bargain

    Benefit from our volume of business and relationships with major carriers, translating to significant monthly savings on your insurance.


How is group health insurance different from other health insurance policies?

Group health insurance, distinct from individual policies, is provided by employers to their employees. While individual policies are taken by a person for themselves or their family, group policies distribute the insurer’s risk across many members, often yielding more affordable rates and a broader range of benefits. Businesses can benefit from these plans by partnering with specialized health insurance brokers like iSure to find the best fit.

How do I choose the right group health insurance plan for my business?

Choosing the right group health insurance for your business involves understanding your budget, considering employee health needs, and comparing plan options. It’s crucial to check the network’s size to determine healthcare choices and costs. Consider augmenting your plan with ancillary benefits such as dental, vision, or life insurance to offer a more comprehensive package. These tasks can be complex, but engaging with trusted health insurance brokers, such as iSure, can streamline this process, resulting in better benefits at lower costs.

How do I find the best group health insurance broker?

To find the best group health insurance broker, start by researching reputable firms, like iSure LLC, known for assisting businesses of all sizes with their insurance needs. Seeking recommendations and reading reviews can be valuable. Ensure the broker understands your business’s specific requirements and offers tailored solutions. With iSure LLC’s expertise, you’re a step closer to finding a broker that aligns with your goals.

Who We Help

At iSure LLC, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive group insurance solutions tailored to a myriad of sectors and companies small, medium, and large. From the bustling energy of oil and gas firms to the precision of medical practices, our expertise caters to a vast spectrum of industries and business scales.

Oil Companies

Medical Practices, Hospitals, & Labs

Law Firms

Financial, Stock, & Accounting Firms

Construction Companies

Real Estate Offices

Manufacturing Firms

Aviation, Transportation, & Logistics

and Many Other Industries

Company Sizes We Help

2-4 Employees

5-49 Employees

50-99 Employees

100-250 Employees