70 Person Health Care Organization

Not all bundled products are a good deal!

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Especially when it comes to insuring large sized businesses. A medical facility discovered that a package deal on a bundled benefits package might appear pretty on the outside, it could prove empty on the inside.

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The Details

  • The previous PEO did not shop around yearly for better insurance plans and pricing as they claimed. Nor did they receive the benefits promised for being part of a large group.
  • iSure negotiated better benefits for their employees saving the company $105,000 on insurance benefits and an additional $50,000 with our payroll and HR benefit partners.
  • Overall savings of about 32% or $155,000 were realized in the first year for the company. Not to mention all the money that the employees saved by us greatly reducing what they pay for their dependent’s coverage. For example, we saved employees with children about $400 dollars per month and families about $575 per month.

Annual Plan Renewal:

  • The current provider was going to increase the price of coverage by 9.5% year over year, but iSure analyzed claims and knew the price should be lower.
  • iSure shopped the market and found a solution that lowered the company’s payments and increased their employee health benefits.
  • Resulted in a 12% savings from the previous year and much better benefits, service, and software.

Furthermore, on the following renewal we had more complete claims data. As a result, we were able to move the company again and save them another 8% off of our rate reduction from the previous year.

Company Size/Number of Employees:

70 Person Organization

Digging Deeper

The medical facility had been with one of the largest PEO’s i.e. medical, payroll, and human resource services in the country. With those functions came discounted insurance – a least that’s what the company claimed. In fact, the companies’ agents know very little about insurance, as it turned out, not very much about human resources or payroll benefits either. The combination company never bothered to shop around for a better insurance plan. iSure did and what a difference it made.

How We Helped

Using our keen insight into healthcare, three decades of experience, and extensive connections among insurance carriers, we negotiated better benefits for their employees at a lower cost: iSure saved the facility about $105.000 on insurance benefits and an additional $50,000 with our payroll and HR benefit partners. That is an overall savings of about 32% or $155,000.

Our Free Software

In addition to slashing costs, we provide free software that helps to improve billing, back-office functions, on boarding of personal etc.

Ready to Get Started?

iSure is dedicated to finding your preferred plan and to be your healthcare advocate. Unlike other insurance brokers/PEO’s we are determined to offer you the lowest rates year after year. To do this we reshop and aggressively negotiate with the insurance carriers to make this happen.

It is important to note that we never charge you for using our services, our commission for assisting you comes from the insurance companies. We act as a broker and run quotes with all of the major carriers guaranteeing you the best rate for the benefits that best suit your needs as an employer. 

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