55 Person Governmental Agency

iSure Does it Again

Having someone on your side – a trusted partner, a real advocate, with industry contacts and negotiating skills – makes all the difference when trying to get the best health insurance for your employees.

iSure LLC once again had resounding success by diligently and determinedly advocating for a client to secure improved benefits, obtain better coverage and lower rates. We were able to do this by looking outside the traditional places that government agencies typically go to for benefits.

The dedicated experts at iSure recently helped a government agency get health insurance for a group of 55 high-risk employees. iSure found a plan that met the unique needs of the group, and saved the government agency more than $180,000 in insurance costs from their previous benefits and more than $500,000 from their original broker quote. What’s even more striking is that the group was moving from a larger pool of employees to a smaller one. In the insurance world typically the larger the company the less expensive the rate is.

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The Details

  • Decreased the per employee cost for the benefits to $688, when the larger parent company had been previously paying $940. What is even more striking is that their previous broker had tried to saddle them with a rate of $1450 per employee.
  • We ended up saving the government agency a total of $187,200.
  • Implemented an Employee Assistance Program at no additional cost.
  • Met all scheduled deadlines, ensuring the government agency could implement the new health insurance by May 1.
  • Provided recommendations to the government agency for payroll services, accounting, benefits and human resources – acting like a true consultant.
  • Proactive consulting for the future – building a plan to get employees healthier and reduce rates substantially and sustainably in 1-2 years.

Company Size/ Number of Employees: 

  • A government agency in Texas that was transitioning from almost 400 workers, down to a group of 55 mostly high-risk employees.

How We Helped

Using more than five decades of experience in the business health insurance industry, the dedicated professionals at iSure rolled up their sleeves and went to work. They did their research and shopped the marketplace. With an extensive network of contacts at various insurance providers, they asked questions, leveraged relationships and got results. They negotiated and delivered the best insurance solution.

The Results

iSure secured improved dental, vision, short-term disability, long-term disability, basic life and voluntary life insurance for the government agency’s group. With hard work and matchless industry experience, iSure was able to get the government entity better coverage and save more than $180,000 in insurance costs from their previous benefits.

The iSure Advantage

iSure once again showed what being a true advocate – a real partner – can do. iSure saved a Texas government agency more than $180,000 – and iSure can do that for you.

Ready to Get Started?

iSure’s diligence and determination is the difference that puts them ahead of other insurance brokers. iSure is dedicated to being your healthcare advocate and will work tirelessly to find the right solution for you.

It is important to note that we never charge you for using our services, our commission for assisting you comes from the insurance companies. We act as a broker and run quotes with all of the major carriers guaranteeing you the best rate for the benefits that best suit your needs as an employer. 

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