Disability Insurance Plans

iSure provides disability insurance plans for high-income professionals. We work with doctors, engineers, lawyers, business owners and many others.  Our services are paid for by the insurance companies, so we provide consultations at no cost to you.

One in four people will experience an injury or illness related disability lasting 90 days or more before the age of 67. This can often have devastating consequences like loss of home and lifestyle. Short and long-term Disability insurance replaces a portion of your income to protect you and your family from potential catastrophic ruin. It protects what has taken you a lifetime to accumulate.

At iSure, our process starts with a conversation in which you tell us about you and your needs. From there, one of our specialists will go out and shop every major disability company, present several options to you and go over things to consider in addition to cost.  Then we assist you in selecting the best plan as you define it. At that point, we will help you fill out the paperwork and get approved. Once you get approved, our services don’t stop either.  We will continue to help you with any claims in the future.

So please give us a call.  We have been doing this for over 25 years and have worked with all the top insurance companies. We truly understand the ins and outs of how this works and would love to assist you in this process.

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Our Promise

We don’t stop there! Once you are our client we reach out to you routinely, shop you as if you were a new client every year, and help you with claims.

Richer, Better Prices

We carefully listen to your needs and shop every major carrier to find you the best rate. Zero hassle and our services are completely free.

High Quality Plans

We carry every major carrier in the state of Texas. This includes Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Humana and many more.

Fast, Responsive Service

Our representatives will get back to you in 2 hours or less of contacting us. We pride ourselves on providing incredible customer service.