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Group Short-Term Disability Insurance Service in Texas

Navigating life’s hurdles becomes substantially easier when backed by a reliable safety net. Group Short-Term Disability Insurance acts as that robust safety net, offering a financial bridge during challenging times. Be it recuperating from surgery, recovering from an accident, or managing a sudden health setback, this policy ensures you have the financial support needed to focus solely on your recovery.

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What is Group Short-Term Disability Insurance?

Group Short-Term Disability Insurance (STDI) serves as a protective shield during temporary health crises, safeguarding your income and allowing you to concentrate wholly on recuperation. Here’s how it supports you:


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STDI comes into play by replacing a part of your income if a short-term disability prevents you from working. Generally, it aims to replace around 60% of your weekly earnings, within the bounds of policy limits.


Elimination Period

These treatments can significantly hinder one's capacity to work.


Recovering from heart-related problems can take years, impacting work ability.


Affordability & Convenience

Group policies often come at a more affordable rate compared to individual plans, thanks to the pooling of members. Additionally, being part of an employer’s benefit package facilitates hassle-free administration and easy enrollment during the designated periods.

Did You Know?

Short-Term Disability Insurance proves to be indispensable during critical life events such as maternity leaves, post-surgery recovery periods, or managing health challenges such as long-term effects of Covid. It offers a financial safety net, helping to maintain stability in your life even during temporary setbacks.

A Word From the iSure Team

Life’s unpredictability underscores the importance of being prepared. One in four people will face a short-term disability before turning 67. That’s a significant number, and it’s why we’re here to help. Remember, our guidance comes at no additional charge. As brokers, we bring you the best rates from premier carriers, tailoring solutions to fit your unique needs.